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The right size of the ring is very subjective and when it comes to a gift the choice of the same can become complicated and difficult. The sensation that must be perceived wearing a ring of the right size is of softness and general comfort. It would be useful to refer to a ring of size and model similar to the one you are choosing, but in the absence of this we will list some excellent advice below. We will help you to resolve any doubts, accompanying you in a conscious and targeted choice.

First of all, hands are not all the same.

The fingers of the right hand are generally larger than those of the left hand, and in men the size of the knuckles must also be considered.
Furthermore, the choice of size is also influenced by the style of the ring, a band model is preferable in your larger sizes than the one you normally wear.

As the seasons change and temperatures vary, your hands may tend to swell. The right size is the one that does not tighten too much in summer and that is comfortable in winter without risking that the ring slips too much.
To find the exact size of a ring you already own, just measure its diameter with a sewing meter.

If you don't have a reference ring, you can find the size by measuring the circumference of your finger. Between two similar sizes, we recommend that you always choose the larger one.

By consulting the table below you can easily trace the size of the ring in relation to the diameter of the jewel or the circumference of the finger.

These sizes correspond to the Italian scale, and the sizes you find on Maison Baleani refer to the Italian standard

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 14.51.17.png
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